Climate change is a serious problem. Whether you’re poor or rich, it impacts us all! We could wait for the government to take the lead.

Or… together we can fight climate change!

As a savvy online shopper, you know exactly where to get the lastest fashion in jeans or the perfect new smartphone. But what about the greenhouse gases emitted during production or transport of your online purchases?

Simply check this checkbox during your online payment and you compensate the greenhouse gases emitted to get your product made and into your hands.

Wouldn’t you like to be on the leading edge of climate neutrality as well?

Together, we can stop climate change.

Your contribution is used to prevent the same amount of greenhouse gases from being emitted elsewhere, and that’s how your purchase becomes climate neutral.

For Webshops Help fight climate change!

Become a Ninja and shop climate neutral!

Fight climate change while you shop online. You shop and the store pays a CO₂ compensation at no extra cost for you. Fighting climate change was never this easy! How it works

CO₂ compensation projects

We support a variety of CO₂ compensation projects, coordinated by Atmosfair. 90% of their projects are certified with the CDM Gold Standard, which is the most stringent standard for climate protection projects. In addition, Atmosfair creates micro projects for countries that don’t meet those standards.

Renewable energy projects

Renewable energy from sources like the sun, wind and water has no negative effect on climate and produces a minimum of greenhouse gas emission and no air pollution. This in contradiction to fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas. CO₂ok supports are in renewable energy: providing starting funds for solar energy and hydropower projects.
Many countries still rely on old fossil fuels. I in 2016, 81% of Dutch energy was still supplied by oil and gas, which is very harmful for the environment.

Wind energy is the biggest renewable energy source in the Netherlands. It contributes up to 6% of the total electricity production. The Netherlands is known for innovative use of offshore wind turbines.


Solar energy offers a clean, sustainable source of power. However, it is costly to implement and starting funds are often unavailable. That’s why CO₂ok helps funding solar energy projects that require financial support.


Hydropower energy is power derived from energy of falling water or fast running water. The disadvantage of a hydroelectric powerstation is the high cost of startup. Because we value this renewable power source, we support hydropower projects.

Emission reduction projects outside the Netherlands

Atmosfair’s energy efficiency projects support sustainability development in developing countries by handing over technology, fighting poverty and reducing the emission of CO₂.


More efficient cooking appliances can save up to 80% of energy (and therefore CO₂ emission) in Africa and India. Thanks to their energy efficiency, these cooking appliances save time used for gathering fuel and reduce deforestation. Their decreased smoke and CO₂ production also contribute to better health.


About 70% of the inhabitants of Lesotho, South Africa, live in the countryside, without connection to an electricity power grid. People use fossil-fuel-based candles and petroleum lamps for lighting, harming the climate and human health. Atmosfair and Solar Lights provide solar panels and Solar Home Systems.


CO₂ is a worldwide problem, and it doesn’t really matter where on earth you fight. Atmosfair and CO₂ok are most effective in third world countries. The projects we fund can not only help reduce CO₂ emission but also improve the local quality of life, fuel the local economy and improve people’s health.


We heartily introduce our partners in our fight against climate change!


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The climate fighters of CO₂ok


Fighting for climate change! Or against?! The green thing, you know.

Milo de Vries

Founder and factotum

“Saving the climate, one gram at a time”

Jos van Nieuwburg


The climate is important and us companies can do a lot with that. I believe if companies cooperate the amount of co2-emissions can be efficiently compensated.

Maaike Braat


Het kan altijd sneller en beter en dit is een stap in de goede richting.

Michiel van Tienhoven

Programmer and Graphic Designer

More green is always better, after all we only have one planet earth.

Ahlam Saber

Partner Manager

Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.

Sanne Tielemans

Executive Secretary

The greener the better