Make online shopping CO₂ok!

Make online shopping CO₂ok!

Together we can stop climate change

A lot of people think they can’t do a lot against climate change. Which is obviously nonsense. You can actually do a lot about it. CO₂ok is giving you the opportunity to mean something! Come along with our fight against climate change. With every online purchase you make through CO₂ok, we reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted. That’s how we counteract climate change together!

Join as fellow climate fighter:

  • Go to these webshops where you can make your purchase climate neutral with one button click
  • Make your shopping climate neutral for free! Become a CO2ok Ninja! (e.g. at Ebay, Bol.com, Coolblue and Amazon)
  • Give us suggestions which shops you would like to be green
  • Help us with a like:

Do you want to keep posted which shops are already CO₂ok?